Might Be ATD Group is The Future of Tomorrow Oxygen Solutions

  Well, nobody can say that they haven’t seen the time when we have faced a dramatic requirement of oxygen in our country. As we have gone through the COVID-19 pandemic and everything becomes crystal clear about our medical facilities and much more Supply of medical equipment . Before the pandemic, it was easy to tell yourself that we are much efficient in our health sector as we have well-developed infrastructure and facilities in our hospitals. But as we went through pandemics, it is very easy to find out that we are not doing any good in the health sector. Actually, we have seen many more dead bodies just because we were not capable to manage our health sector in many factor areas. In comparison to our country, we could easily get to know that there are many countries that are more efficient in the health sector at every phase. But still, they also went through various big troubles during the pandemic. If we would like to understand this thing according to geographical longitudes

What's the Difference Between CPAP and BiPAP Machines?

Difference between CPAP and BiPAP Machine When breathing is interrupted due to low levels of oxygen in the blood, sleepers experience "apnoea" known as OSA. OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) is a type of disorder that affects the ability to breathe normally during sleep. In such a situation, the sleeper person wakes up coughing or gasping for air. Disruptions in breathing make it difficult for people with OSA to get deep, restful sleep. Healthcare providers recommend the use of CPAP or BiPAP machines for a person with OS disorders. These devices make breathing more comfortable, allowing you to experience a good night's sleep. Throughout this article, we explain the difference between a CPAP and a BiPAP machine and what these devices might be right for. About CPAP Machine CPAP machines provide a continuous stream of air to the throat to make breathing easier during sleep. They feature a small water tank and filter to power the machine. There is a CPAP masked tube att

Overcoming the Oxygen Shortage in India by ATD Group Amidst the Covid Crisis

  Seeing the situation all around, it appeared that the COVID-19 pandemic would be cured. But suddenly there has been a sudden increase in cases in India. Several factors are responsible for this large increase in infections; however, the main challenge for hospitals in India is to get  oxygen respirators and equipment . India is currently suffering from a never-ending cycle of infection and death due to the availability of such equipment and paucity of money. Fortunately, a plethora of local organizations is helping to provide more  oxygen supplies  and raise money for the equipment. Support of international organizations also is another important factor in the fight to end the oxygen shortage in India. Due to the recent crisis India is the second-most populous country in the world and is home to billions of people of different origins. So overcrowding is a big problem. Here highly concentrated areas make social distancing difficult and social distancing itself prevents rapid transmis

Supply of Pure Oxygen and 100% Reliable For Hospital & Medical Use

       Oxygen is widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care locations to treat COVID or other patients. Oxygen at such places is supplied from a location equipped with a reliable source, and the production of which is beyond any hindrance. As a result of ATD Group’s  MISHA Medical Oxygen Plant , healthcare staff has got relief in oxygen supply. It is also a cost-effective oxygen plant. ATD Group uses PSA Working Technology in the production of Oxygen:       ATD GROUP’s designer oxygen plant adopts PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) technology to produce oxygen through zeolite molecular sieves. Zeolite absorbs the mixed gas in the air and separates the oxygen present in it. Every effort is made to control the level of CO2 with the help of zeolite. Acceptable Standard Gas Purity for all medical purposes:      ATD Group’s MISHA Oxygen Plant al l ows oxygen to be manufactured on-site as needed with state-of-the-art PSA technology. This technology is always of a worldwide a

ATD Group Oxygen Storage Plants Installed to Prepare For Third Wave of COVID-19

  During the second wave of Covid-19, there was a severe shortage of oxygen across India in April and May. Many COVID patients died due to the lack of this life-saving gas. Now health experts have warned of a possible third wave of Covid-19.   India has started laying the foundation to be able to deal with such type of crisis in future setting up of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Oxygen Plants, Modular Hospitals and preparing 'Project O2' in various hospitals in India are underway.  According to DRDO, a total of 850 oxygen plants are being set up in various districts of the country from the PM Cares Fund to meet the country's oxygen needs in fighting this pandemic. The second wave of COVID-19 also saw an increase in the demand for oxygen therapy across the world, making it necessary to manufacture medical oxygen to ensure we have an adequate supply of it in the future.  The Oxygen Generator Plant built on PSA technology is an air separation unit based on molecular sieve

How ATD Group's Oxygen Generation Plant Does Important Work for Medical Health

         Have we ever thought that there would come a day in our lives when we would desperately need oxygen gas to survive? The pandemic has made us realize the value of oxygen gas in our lives. However, not used domestically, but since the beginning of the epidemic, medical oxygen use is increasing. Many a time’s patients become critical due to a lack of oxygen in the hospital premises. People lost their loved ones only because this life-saving gas was not available in the hospital. Isn’t this suggestive? ATD Group is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of PSA oxygen gas and oxygen generators. The  oxygen generators  produce gaseous oxygen on-site from the compressed gas.  The produced oxygen is then supplied to the relevant department for medical purposes.  Looking at the present situation, we will say that hospitals will need to install  oxygen generator plants  to make sure that patients don’t suffer thanks to a scarcity of oxygen. If you are into hospital management or an own

ATD Group Oxygen Generation Plant for Hospital Use

      Oxygen is one of the most important elements both biologically and industrially. ATD group is reputed for manufacturing high-quality medical oxygen plants that are used in hospital and health care centers for delivering  high-quality oxygen for human consumption. Manufacturing of our plants are done with the best quality materials. With so many years of experiences, we have achieved excellence in all of our engineering processes so much that we are known as one of the best engineering companies in manufacturing of the  medical oxygen plant . It is possible because we strive to maintain excellence in our field.  In terms of quality, we have instituted specific processes for ensuring good quality. We have customers all over the world, who will testify to the quality of medical oxygen plants delivered by us. Our aftersales service is renowned for the speedy resolution of any issues faces by the customers. Our oxygen plants come in various sizes and capacities ranging from 500m3/ho